Greensmart Technology Consulting

Greensmart technology consulting was started with the objective of providing highly customized technical consulting services. We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach. No client or job is too small or too big.


We can speed up your infrastructure by converting all links to Gigabit throughput capacity, enable printing services for your infrastructure, integrate new users into your infrastructure, migrate your user profiles to a different operating system, enable secure cloud access and backup of your data, build and deploy cloud connected applications for your infrastructure, create customized desktop and mobile applications for you, and many more.


We will provide you with the technology solutions that are best for you, not our last client.

Upgrade your technology infrastructure and stay competitive

Smart use of technology is critical for the success of any organization in today's economy. The frequent nature of technological progress and the cost of the required expertise to stay ahead of the game would seem to indicate that both a substantial budget and the will to change established ways of doing things are required.


Larger organizations might have the resources to upgrade their IT infrastructure and stay competitive with improvements in technology, but maybe not the will because it is often difficult to overcome the inertia of doing things a certain way in a large organization. 

Smaller organizations might find it more challenging to come up with the resources needed to upgrade their IT infrastructure, even if their day-to-day operations experience less disruption.


Greensmart Technology Consulting applies a scaled approach to every project we undertake. The goal is to carry out our obligations to our clients in a time and cost effective manner with minimum disruption to their daily operations. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!