Save, organize and backup your photos in the cloud

You can upload new photos or photos from your camera roll to folders in the cloud, and organize them any way you please. This is also a great way to independently back up your photos, just in case something happens to your phone before you get home, or something goes wrong with iCloud and all your devices are affected.

Upload new photos to your folders while browsing

A very convenient feature of TagAndSend is that you can upload new photos to any of your cloud folders while browsing the folder. Just tap the "Upload new photos to this folder" button, and you have the option to immediately upload new photos or upload photos already saved on your camera roll. No need to navigate to the "Upload" tab to update your folders!

Comfortably edit your photos and folders

Comfortably edit your photos and photo folders to keep them manageable, knowing that safeguards exist against accidental deletion of your precious photos.