In the following, "User" refers to any individual who has legally downloaded DealChain (The Application) onto their own legally purchased mobile device and may have purchased a subscription to use The Application free of any advertisements. 

The Application incorporates Location Services(Service) as part of its functionality that may enable a User’s mobile device location to be determined, either by mobile network cell-based or via Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) service.

Certain aspects of DealChain functionality rely on the Service, enabling the User's mobile device location information to be used to display saved transaction items based on the User's location.

For cell-based Service, unless otherwise expressly stated, the Service is restricted only to handsets registered via a User opt-in with the User able to opt-out of the Service at any time. For GPS-based Service, the mobile device and/or software application on the mobile device will allow the User to enable or disable the Service. 

The following terms of use apply for Location Services:

  1. The User accepts that the service accuracy of the location information can vary depending on the user’s situation, i.e. city versus country location, or depending on the type of location service used, e.g. cell-based versus GPS.
  2. The User acknowledges that Greensmart LLC is wholly reliant on the mobile operators and other third parties for the provision of both cell-based and GPS-based location information via The Application and that such third parties or Greensmart LLC reserve the right to terminate the Service without notice.