Add friends to share photos with

Using TagAndSend, You can share photos with anybody by entering their email addresses or mobile numbers, but that might get tiring after a while. 

Fortunately, you have the option to enter and store your friends' information in TagAndSend for 3-click photo sharing. You can import friends from your iPhone contacts, or you can enter their information manually.

Manage profiles for your friends

You can share photos with your friends directly from their profile page, instead of using the "Share" tab.

You can edit your friends' profiles to update them with changes in their information, and you can view the history of your photo sharing with each of your friends.

Share with multiple friends

A really powerful feature of TagAndSend is the ability to share your cloud photos with as many friends as you like, all at the same time. It's as easy as tapping the rows with your friends' names to add them to the list of recipients.

You can also choose to send photos to your friends as zip files or in photobooth mode, with customized captions on each photo.

View and edit share history 

Access your friend's profile page and tap the "Show history" button to view your photo sharing history with that friend, complete with dates and times. This feature only works with your photos that are saved in the TagAndSend cloud. 


Use "Inspection Mode" to inspect the photo folders and individual photos you have shared, or use "Edit Mode" to delete any of the photo sharing links at any time.