Greensmart LLC has provided end user software support for LaTrenta MD PC in the following areas:

  • Synchronization of records with secure VPN access across their two locations in New York City and Connecticut

  • Document management 

  • Performing periodic desktop application software upgrades

Greensmart LLC also assisted in upgrading and maintaining the IT network infrastructure for LaTrenta MD PC, including:

  • IT network and peripherals(printers, copiers and scanners) setup, integration and maintenance for day-to-day business operation

  • Regular operating system upgrades in Windows and OS X

Greensmart LLC has also provided hardware support for LaTrenta MD PC, including switching out Windows hardware for iOS(and vice versa) and fully integrating the machines into the company network.


We are proud to have helped LaTrenta MD PC remain one of the premier plastic surgery practices in the New York City area.