Greensmart LLC has provided end user software support for Lloyd B Gayle MD PC in the following areas:

  • Setup of secure VPN network access across multiple locations

  • Electronic medical records (EMR) application customization, management and upgrades 

  • Document management 

  • Performing periodic desktop application software upgrades

Greensmart LLC also assisted in upgrading and maintaining the IT network infrastructure for Lloyd B Gayle MD PC, including:

  •  Customized domain name setup and management for email communications

  • IT network and peripherals(printers, copiers and scanners) setup, integration and maintenance for day-to-day business operation

  • Regular operating system upgrades in Windows and OS X

Greensmart LLC has developed several customized iOS mobile applications to address some of the operational needs of Lloyd B Gayle MD PC

  • Notespring for voice notes management

  • Scanzilla for image management

 Greensmart LLC has also provided hardware support for Lloyd B Gayle MD PC, including switching out Windows hardware for iOS(and vice versa) and fully integrating the machines into the company network.


We are proud to have helped Lloyd B Gayle MD PC remain one of the premier plastic surgery practices in the New York City area.