Let Notespring become the source for your great voice notes!


You can now create and save your own templates to add custom titles and the current date to your voice notes. You can also set up automatic search and replace text macros in the transcribed voice notes created by Notespring.


There is also a new visually appealing transparent mode for Notespring.


You only need an email address or a phone number to quickly create your Notespring cloud account. You have the option to automatically upload documents created by Notespring to the cloud for later retrieval and sharing. 

All documents are in pdf format. Start saving and sharing your voice notes!

Just tap the "Start recording" button and start speaking. Tap the "Stop recording" button when you are done, and you have the option to edit the transcript of your speech, save it to the cloud and share in PDF format.

Use Notespring to improve your productivity and workflow by quickly producing and securely sharing voice transcripts from your iPhone or iPad!