TagAndSend is our new free app for the iPhone!


Your list of contacts and the camera roll where your photos are stored are two of the most important apps on your iPhone. TagAndSend enables these two important iPhone apps to work together for you so that you can quickly organize photos on your iPhone or Mac computer or integrate them into your already existing image database. 


 With TagAndSend, you choose how you want to organize the images on your iPhone camera roll. You can organize them by contact or you can organize them by using the barcode scanning feature of the app. You can even send them to any Mac OS computer you choose from the app,  where they will also be organized according to your preferences.


If your organization uses a barcode-indexed database, you can improve workflow by simply integrating the app with your system. You can quickly associate a unique barcode with any number of contacts from your phone, select images from your camera roll, and tag them with the name of the desired contact or with their associated barcode. Alternatively, after associating a barcode with a contact in your phone, you can take new pictures with your phone, and those pictures will be tagged with that contact or with their associated barcode. 


The FTP feature of the app gives you the capability to organize images from your mobile device on your Mac OS computer. Ideal for field engineers, medical doctors, surveyors, investigators, tourists, students or anyone who needs to quickly capture and categorize images on a regular basis. All this for free! Now available in the App Store!




TagAndSendSetup, Mac OS X companion app to TagAndSend


The TagAndSendSetup application for the Mac OS X environment (OS X 7 and higher) works together with the TagAndSend iOS app to organize the photos from your iPhone camera roll. The TagAndSendSetup application runs in the Mac OS X environment and organizes the photos sent to your Mac computer or your e-mail addresses from the TagAndSend iOS app according to the preferences specified in the TagAndSend iOS app.  The TagAndSendSetup application achieves this by running periodically in the background at time intervals specified by the user. Coming soon on the Mac App Store.