Stocktradamus - Predict future price direction for your favorite stocks!*

Use Stocktradamus to predict the future price direction for your favorite stocks. Just enter the stock symbol and watch Stocktradamus do its thing. You can predict stock prices 1 month, 2 months, 3 months and up to 1 year into the future. You can also view statistical test and model fit parameters to gain more insight into each prediction. Use the results from Stocktradamus to appreciate systemic and non systemic risk for test portfolios, test option trading strategies and other investment simulation scenarios.



Stocktradamus is now available online at, where you can sign up for free!


You can now save your forecasts and the corresponding summary of the Forecast Analysis Report (FAR) in the Stocktradamus database for future reference!

Accuracy Performance Tracking (APT) by Stocktradamus is now available! Track the performance* of your saved stock price forecasts over time from the Stocktradamus app or from

APT by Stocktradamus will create and save an accuracy performance track record (APT record) over time for each of your saved stock price forecasts by comparing them to actually realized stock prices before and after each forecast, which will be tracked and downloaded by Stocktradamus up until the end of each forecast time horizon.

Your saved stock price forecasts, FARs and APT reports will now be available on the Stocktradamus app and online at where they can be downloaded as PDF files.


Share PDF files or screenshots of your saved Stocktradamus stock price forecasts, FARs and APT reports on Twitter, Facebook, email and all the other options of the iPhone and iPad share menu.

See the overall forecast accuracy of each stock price forecast at a glance on the Forecast Analysis Report (FAR).

You can now choose to receive regular notifications from Stocktradamus APT about the accuracy performance of all your saved stock price forecasts.

*Performance is calculated by comparing forecasted prices to actual market prices realized before and after you have made and saved a stock price forecast on Stocktradamus. 

May not work for some stocks.


*For educational purposes only. Do not use Stocktradamus to make investment decisions.

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