Log into the cloud 

Log into TagAndSend with your verified email address or username. You can also log in with Twitter or Facebook.

Upload from camera roll

You can upload photos from your camera roll to folders in the cloud, and organize them any way you please. This is also a great way to back up the photos in your camera roll, just in case something happens to your phone before you get home.

Name your folders

Choose the "Contacts" option to use names in your iPhone Contacts app to name your cloud folders, or choose "Custom" to enter any name you like, choose "Barcode" to attach a barcode to your folder, or you can simply choose "None" to upload your photos to the cloud without assigning them in a folder.

Attach unique barcodes to your folders

You can attach barcodes to your photo folders if you want to avoid using names for your folders when you share them. Tap the "Use name" button next to the barcode number representation in your list of saved cloud folders to remind yourself what the corresponding folder name is, or tap the "Use barcode" button to see the barcode number representation.

Upload new snapshots

Imagine you are outside watching a sporting event, or a concert, or something interesting happens and you want to record the occasion 

and share it. You can use the "Upload new snapshots" feature of TagAndSend to take pictures on the fly. Your pictures will be stored in the cloud as quickly as you can take them, providing instant backup, from which you can share them again and again.

Backup your photos

Your photos are backed up in the cloud. Choose "Inspection Mode" to browse and share your photos. Switch to "Edit Mode" to delete them. You can delete individual photos, or you can delete whole photo folders.